Thursday, September 2, 2010

Cool new library

I met a really cool group of Media Specialists today in Orange Township NJ.
This picture was taken in a brand new library that has a great area for instruction with a Smart board and these need "stadium" like benches (we met the contractor on our way out.. you DO NOT want to know how much those benches cost!!) I had a great day with these folks. Meeting educators who are passionate about what they do is THE BEST part of my job!!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Spa day for Erin

Erin loves to get her hair done.... so today, as a special treat I took her for a "Back to School" wash, cut, and blow dry.... It was a great Mommy/daughter time!

Getting her hair washed is her favorite part

Relaxing while Kathy works her magic

Oh my!! She looks so old!!!

A good nights work...

I pull out the sewing machine once or twice a year... usually for a special project and almost always under the gun. I made this shirt last night for my son to wear at the Renaissance Festival this weekend. It is far from perfect, but it didn't turn out half bad...

Monday, August 30, 2010

Sean Flys Solo!!

My son Sean has been helping his father and I make lasagna for a year or so now... He was totally craving it this weekend and begged me to get the ingredients. I told him that I did not have time to make it so today, while I was running errands, he made it himself....

He called about 5 times to ask questions... but got it done. It looked, and tasted yummy!

The spices cabinet however, did not fare so well... this is what happens when a 14 year old can't find the oregano...

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Triumphant Return!!!

After a year and a half... I have decided that I miss my 365... Going to try to do it again... John, Kids and I took a road trip today to IKEA... it was a long day so we stopped for dinner at The Chatterbox. The Chatterbox is a true carhop place in Sussex Co. NJ. The last time Erin ate here, she was 3... I took a picture of her that day with this Hot Dog Man... she has grown a bit since.