Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I am a self admitted diet soda addict. I have been drinking diet soda since I was 11 and spent my weekends with my diabetic grandmother. Back then, it was "Tab" or "Fresca". My poison of choice these days is Diet Pepsi. I do not drink coffee or tea or frappa cappa moca latta chino... just Diet Pepsi. (I do enjoy a nice iced tea in the summer) When it comes to snacking, I am usually attracted more to the crispy, chipy, salty type snacks than to the sweet ones. During times of high stress, however, NOTHING beats chocolate. Diet soda and chocolate do NOT go together well. Eating anything sweet after swigging artificial sweetener leaves a horrible taste in my mouth. It is worse than the dreaded orange juice/toothpaste combination. So... if the combination tastes so bad, WHY do I snack on chocolate while drinking diet soda? Why indeed... go ask my hormones...

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