Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Whew! What a day. Today, our nation inaugurated our first African American president. The day was chock full of excitement. I watched the events unfold from home. NO sharing it with a class for me. I had a real hard time with that until a friend invited me to "blog live" with her class of 4th graders. What fun! The students were obviously excited... and intrigued with the concept of live blogging. Some of them asked the same questions over and over again... and that was ok because by the end, the other students were answering them. One student asked "How long will Obama be President?" In response, one of the teachers asked the group who served more than 8 years as President? Two of the boys actually "researched" the question and had the answer before the Inaugural speech was over. Many students admitted that they did not understand it all, but also were open to taking a closer look at the speech and poem later. The dialogue was incredible! They were all so engaged and honest. What a great way to share such an event. When I got home, my daughter had homework in her bag about Martin Luther King and Barack Obama. They had also watched the events of the day in school. My daughter was so excited to share! I love how much the kids got out of the day!

Now... I know that this blog is for MY pics... BUT there is a picture from this historical day that I absolutely LOVE. The picture is of Sasha Obama giving her dad a big "Thumbs up" after his inaugural speech. I am so happy that the Obama's have school age children. It is a wierd feeling to have the President and First Lady the same age as I am. They have kids the same age that mine are... they do so many of the same things that we do as a family. I think that I relate to them better because of it.... I KNOW that I LOVE Sasha Obama... SHE is a cutie Patooti!


  1. I loved that second picture. Glad you figured out how to save it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts of the day

  2. good job YOYo I am proud you caught the image of Sasha...

  3. I love that photo too. It will probably pop up throughout his term! Nice to have kids in the WhiteHouse-I love her smile!