Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Little Airport

I have never been to Williamsport PA before. It is a very old, very nice town. The downtown has lots of great architecture and nightlife. We visited this really neat old bookstore named "Ottos" and ate dinner at the Bullfrog Brewary (they make all kids of great beer, but I did not have any because I was driving). The parking lot for the Bullfrog is surrounded by this wonderful mural. After our training was over on Tuesday, I drove my co-trainer Joanna to the Williamsport International Airport. I have NEVER seen such a small airport. (Although Joanna says that she has been to one smaller). If you follow the link to the airport website, you see that all of the pictures of the inside of the airport are taken with a fisheye lens to make the area look larger... the "terminal" consists of one large room with some counters, and a few chairs and even some rocking chairs!

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